Welcome to Open Road Living

Since we began, our organization has provided a wide variety of special needs populations with all-inclusive affordable housing. We are committed to providing our clients with clean, safe all inclusive living arrangements that cannot be found elsewhere.

Since we opened our first care home, we have provided a wide variety of special needs populations with affordable and specialized housing. Demographics served include but are not limited to: disabled, veterans, seniors, sober living, transitional housing, re-entry, low income, and other special needs populations. Our properties and services are of the highest caliber in our state and local area due to our commitment to safe, affordable all- inclusive living environments.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide affordable and quality all-inclusive living environments to all of those who are in need!


We are so grateful for what you have done. Our daughter’s disability was at the point where it was too much for us to handle.

You went over and above what needed to be done and have not only alleviated us from the burden of caring for our loved one, you have actually made our family relationship stronger and more loving. Thank you for all that you do! – Denise and John Jenkins
– Denise and John Jenkins
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